Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a platform for managing secure cloud services that are used to build sophisticated applications to scale up your businesses with increased scalability, robustness and reliability. AWS is a mix of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings.

Amazon Web Services provide services such as Amazon EC2 for computation capabilities, Amazon S3 for Data Backup and Archives, RDS for managed Database services and much more. Amazon also offers its reliable Web Services to dozens of Data Centers across the world.

BlueBox Infosoft understands your business capabilities with AWS integration. Our integrated AWS solution is an all-in-one package of cloud hosting, migration, and continuous support. BlueBox Infosoft is experienced in providing business agility, flexibility and operational efficiency enabled by Amazon Web Services.

Custom Application Development

Business Benefits

  • Proven increase in production efficiency
  • Easier and safer financial transactions
  • Better storage of documents and archives
  • Efficient employee relationship management

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