Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) services has created an era of super-connectivity across the globe. Human beings have time limits and are low on accuracy. High quality of data can be acquired with connected to get sent to devices that don't have human intervention. It would make the continuous availability of data possible. Implementing IoT devices in household locations, healthcare centers, retail markets can completely change the way of day to day activities for people. As per estimation, by 2020, more than 50 million devices will be connected to the internet.

We at BlueBox InfoSoft provide simple, yet integrated IoT product development which involves rapid software & hardware design, development and employing such solutions for next-generation business processes. Our IoT expertise believes in building secure, scalable and flexible IoT devices to bring insights and intelligence to enterprises.

BlueBox Infosoft understands your business capabilities with AWS integration. Our integrated AWS solution is an all-in-one package of cloud hosting, migration, and continuous support. BlueBox Infosoft is experienced in providing business agility, flexibility and operational efficiency enabled by Amazon Web Services.

Custom Application Development

Business Benefits

  • Tracking real-time marketing is made possible.
  • Can help with sensor-based decision analytics.
  • Real-time control of production lines.
  • Sensor data Analysis for power efficiency at the workspace.
  • Optimization of Resource consumption.

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