Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service is the automatic translation of data to machine-readable automated editable text. OCR is a technology that completely revolutionized the document management systems across various business sectors such as banking, retail, hospitality, healthcare, legal and government. With OCR, businesses can go paper-less by digitizing documents and communications which were resistant previously due to inaccuracy. As per research, Optical Character Recognition market is predicted to attain CAGR of 14.8% in 2025 with revenues of 25.18 billion US dollars.

OCR systems developed at BlueBox Infosoft are highly accurate with almost nil data entry errors so that the data gets seamlessly integrated and easily readable. Efficient scanning system for both data capture and input categories. Our OCR systems will easily format the information to make it retrievable and user-friendly.

Custom Application Development

Business Benefits

  • OCR makes documents text-searchable. Now you don't need to remember the serial number, searching the text with the name can retrieve it from the repository.

  • Increase in productivity as manual document processing is eliminated.

  • Massively improves customer services as all the related documents are available digitally.

  • Easy document conversion processes as OCR allows copy/paste.

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